"It is not enough to know what to say.  One must know how to say it."


"Ours is the only organization I know that is dedicated to the individual. We work together to bring out the best in each of us and then we apply our skills to help others."

--Ralph Smedley
Toastmasters International

"If you want to influence a country's intellectual trend, the first step is to bring order to your own ideas and integrate them into a consistent case, to the best of your knowledge and ability. ... When or if your convictions are in your conscious, orderly control, you will be able to communicate them to others. ... [W]hen you ask, 'What can one do?' - the answer is 'SPEAK' (provided you know what you are saying)."

--Ayn Rand, "What Can One Do?"


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bulletBasic Manual
bulletThe Ice Breaker
bulletWho Is Luke Setzer?
bulletSpeak with Sincerity
bulletDogbert Dismissal
bulletOrganize Your Speech
bulletSeparating School and State
bulletShow What You Mean
bulletOffice Clean-Up D-Day
bulletVocal Variety
bulletWork with Words
bulletPersonal Constitutions
bulletApply Your Skills
bulletLessons from a Dead Millionaire
bulletAdd Impact to Your Speech
bulletPersuade with Power
bulletInspire Your Audience
bulletUltimate Success Formula
bulletCommunicating on Television
bulletStraight Talk
bulletThe Talk Show
bulletWhen You're the Host
bulletThe Press Conference
bulletTraining on Television
bulletThe Discussion Leader
bulletThe Seminar Solution
bulletThe Round Robin
bulletRational Romance with Dr. Michael J. Hurd and Discussion Notes
bulletPilot a Panel
bulletMake It Make Believe (Role Playing)
bulletThe Workshop Leader
bulletThe Entertaining Speaker
bulletThe Entertaining Speech
bulletThe Grinning Face of Evil
bulletResources for Entertainment
bulletMake Them Laugh
bulletThunderous Replies to Thoughtless Remarks
bulletA Dramatic Talk
bulletSpeaking after Dinner
bulletHumorously Speaking
bulletWarm Up Your Audience
bulletLeave Them with a Smile
bulletMake Them Laugh
bulletKeep Them Laughing
bulletThe Humorous Speech
bulletE-Mail and Spam
bulletInterpersonal Communication
bulletConversing with Ease
bulletThe Successful Negotiator
bulletDiffusing Verbal Criticism
bulletThe Coach
bulletAsserting Yourself Effectively
bulletInterpretive Reading
bulletRead a Story
bulletDagny Got a Gun
bulletInterpreting Poetry
bullet"A Is A" Is Not PC
bulletThe Monodrama
bulletOpen Letter to Sister Gormley
bulletThe Play
bulletThe Oratorical Speech
bulletThis Is John Galt Speaking
bulletPersuasive Speaking
bulletThe Effective Salesperson
bulletConquering the "Cold Call"
bulletThe Winning Proposal
bulletAddressing the Opposition
bulletThe Persuasive Leader
bulletThe Professional Speaker
bulletThe Keynote Address
bulletSpeaking to Entertain
bulletThe Sales Training Speech
bulletThe Professional Seminar
bulletThe Motivational Speech
bulletPublic Relations
bulletThe Public Relations Speech
bulletToastmasters: A Winning Format
bulletResources for Goodwill
bulletThe Persuasive Approach
bulletSpeaking Under Fire
bulletThe Media Speech
bulletSpeaking to Inform
bulletThe Speech to Inform
bulletWhat Objectivism Offers Unitarian Universalists
bulletResources for Informing
bulletMike Mentzer and Objectivism
bulletA Is A
bulletThe Demonstration Talk
bulletAchieve Your Goals Using Microsoft Outlook
bulletA Fact-Finding Report
bulletTwelve Tests for Evaluating a Network Marketing "Opportunity"
bulletThe Abstract Concept
bulletPhilosophy and Sense of Life
bulletSpecial Occasion Speeches
bulletMastering the Toast
bulletSpeaking in Praise
bulletThe Roast
bulletPresenting an Award
bulletAccepting an Award
bulletSpecialty Speeches
bulletSpeak Off the Cuff
bulletUplift the Spirit
bulletSell a Product
bulletRead Out Loud
bulletIntroduce the Speaker
bulletBehind the Smoke and Mirrors
bulletSpeeches by Management
bulletThe Briefing
bulletThe Technical Speech
bulletManage and Motivate
bulletThe Status Report
bulletConfrontation: The Adversary Relationship
bulletThe Folk Tale
bulletLittle Red Hen: Classic and Modern
bulletLet's Get Personal
bulletThe Moral of the Story
bulletThe Touching Story
bulletMelissa's Confession
bulletBringing History to Life
bulletTechnical Presentations
bulletThe Technical Briefing
bulletThe Proposal
bulletThe Non-Technical Audience
bulletPresenting a Technical Paper
bulletThe Team Technical Presentation
bulletSee Also
bulletDiana Mertz Hsieh's Objectivist Toastmasters Speeches


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