Reading Group Book



by David Laskin and Holly Hughes

Summary by Luke Setzer

Ten Good Questions To Get Discussion Going

  1. What do you think the title means?
  2. Why do you think the author opened the book this way?
  3. Did the jacket copy give you a fair idea of what the book would be like?
  4. To what other books that the group has read could this one be compared?
  5. How autobiographical do you think this book is?
  6. Are the male or the female characters more vividly and fully drawn?
  7. Why has the author chosen this particular narrator?
    Can you imagine this story told in a different voice?
  8. Under what conditions did various members read the book
    (all in one sitting, short hits each night at bedtime, on the train, etc.)?
    Was this a good or bad way to read it?
  9. Did this book make you want to read anything else by the same author?
    Why or why not?
  10. Who in hell picked this one and why?


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