Dreams List



You can win the battle for success and accomplishment only by clearly defining what you want.  Your Dreams List is a critical part of that definition.  As you think about and write down your dreams, you will find that, in general, they fit into just five categories:

bulletWhat you would like to become
bulletWhat you would like to contribute
bulletWhat you would like to create
bulletWhat you would like to own
bulletWhere you would like to travel

To get your mind working, think of the above categories as you create your dreams list.  Encourage family members to create their own Dreams List.  Make it a fun, exciting family project, not a chore.  There are no right or wrong dreams, only those which are identified and written down, and those which are not.

[Webmaster's Note: If you have information to help me accomplish any of these dreams, please write me!]

If I had unlimited time, talent, money, knowledge, self-confidence, and support from my family, here is a list of everything I would like to do with my life.

  1. Become a certified NLP practitioner.
  2. Become a graduate of the Beach Body Program.
  3. Become a local bodybuilding champion.
  4. Become a local marathon champion.
  5. Become a Project Management Institute (PMI) Certified Project Management Professional (PMP).
  6. Become an active licensed Professional Engineer (PE).
  7. Become an airplane pilot.
  8. Become fluent in Spanish.
  9. Become fluent in physics.
  10. Become recognized globally as a leader of the Objectivist movement.
  11. Become one of America's wealthiest men.
  12. Become a GS-14 NASA Project Manager.
  13. Become a GS-15 NASA Program Manager.
  14. Become a local martial arts champion.
  15. Become a master of differential equations.
  16. Contribute to an audience of 5000 people about the benefits of Objectivism.
  17. Create a cash flow stream to replace current NASA income by a factor of five.
  18. Create a best-selling nonfiction book.
  19. Create a best-selling fiction book.
  20. Create a wide group of friends and confidants who subscribe to the essential principles of Objectivism.
  21. Create low-cost human access to space.
  22. Create a clean, cheap energy source.
  23. Create an Objectivist child.
  24. Create a global network of Objectivist Toastmasters clubs.
  25. Create every moment with passionate, spiritually fulfilling action.
  26. Create a Martian colony.
  27. Create a solution to the classical quantum mechanics riddle.
  28. Own a 3000 square foot house.
  29. Own a net worth of five million dollars.
  30. Travel on a tour of Europe.
  31. Travel in space.
  32. Travel to the moon's surface.


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