Financial Workshop



  1. Paperwork
    1. Pre-Test: pass out to students ask them to fill out and give to me before we start the workshop. Have them put their name and club, or put name and individual.
    2. Financial Statement of Understanding--pass out to each club and individual
  2. Introduce
    1. Senate Secretary--Crystal Maldonado
    2. Director of Student Government--Dave Pavlonnis
    3. Fiscal accountant: OAF and C & O Travel--Latchmin Jaggernauth
    4. Accountant: In charge of Fiscal Budget, C & O Office Supplies, and Property--Rose Mai
    5. Office Manager: In charge of processing payroll--Brenda Posey
  3. Different types of allocations
    1. OAF--Office Appropriation & Finance
      (Events and/ or promotional items)
    2. Conference and Office (C & O) Supplies
    3. C & O Travel
    4. Fiscal Year Budget 2003-2004 (July 1-June 30)
    5. Training for Clubs once each Fiscal Year
  4. Specifics on each form of allocation
    1. OAF
      1. Meetings are weekly each Monday at 6 PM with Chair Pavan Talakala
      2. Maximum $1,000.00 per-fiscal year (ends June 30- begins July1) 2xís, canít be for the same event.
      3. Has reversion dates (Can be pushed back by the OAF chair with permission, not promised)
      4. Will not be official until it passes through Senate (Thursday)
      5. If you itemize that is the way you have to spend it would be better not to itemize
      6. All promotional items need to have the SGA logo (obtainable from tech people). You can get this from your senator.
    2. C & O Office Supplies- stationary for clubs not for personal use (meetings Tuesdays at 6 PM).
      1. $150 per fiscal year per club
      2. Hand form in at time of meeting
      3. Has reversion date (Can be pushed back by the C & O chair with permission not promised)
      4. Will not be official until it passes through senate
      5. Must fill out purchase Request form-(to get goods and services) allow 3-4 wks to process
      6. Need to deposit difference if you know you spent more
      7. Vendor: Office Depot, SGA gets 40% off
      8. Must have contact information on purchase request form
      9. If you have spent money in your account and it gets reverted because you past the deadline, you canít change the reversion date. If you donít spend any money in your account, you can change the reversion date.
      10. Office supplies for branch campuses will be mailed to them.
      11. If you are an on campus club you need to come and see the accountant
    3. C & O Travel
      1. Groups--Maximum $1000 1x per fiscal year and per club
      2. Individual- $300 1 x per fiscal year and per club
      3. Give committees copies
      4. Ex. If you are with a group and want to go as an individual you canít do that.   This is situational. You canít do it for the same trip, only a different event.   And you need to let committee know.
      5. Not official until the accountant gets a copy from the comptroller after senate meeting then a member of the club needs to come to the accountants and fill out a PO. Get this signed by the advisor, and 2 officers (members) that attended the workshop. Bring this back to the accountants ** goes for OAF & C & O office supplies too (If a member has been to a financial workshop, but is a representative of more than one club they need to fill out another Statement of understanding.) 
      6. Ask vendor how they are going to accept payment?
      7. If you need more than $1000, than you can request money through a senate bill. This will take 8 wks to process. Make sure you have time.
      8. Your responsibility to look for cheapest airfare
      9. Avis is only contract, not unlimited miles. Save receipts Avis will reimburse for gas, a certain amount per mile after certain mileage
      10. Original Travel Authorization--go get this form from accountants as soon as C & O allocation gets passed.
      11. When traveling with a group, the group leader needs to obtain the names and Social Security Numbers
    4. Fiscal Year Budget--deadline for clubs to have budget in is January 24, 2004 at 5pm, date stamped, and club must be registered
      1. Fiscal Year starts first day in July
      2. Packet:
        1. 1st page--Describe club
        2. 2nd page--Promotional items
        3. 3rd page--Itemize what you are going to need for each event. Make copies if you have more events that canít fit on this page.
      3. Activity and Service Fee committee meets on weekly basis
      4. Accountants canít change anything on this budget
      5. To change amount/ Request for re-approval write a memo to Student Body President
      6. Need to fill out a purchase request form for each vendor
      7. If you spend more than in your account, you will have to sign a contract that you will pay the balance, if you donít pay your records will be held
      8. Last day to purchase goods/services is May15th
  5. The way Money is distributed
    1. Purchase Card (quickest method that one can use to have goods/services received and financed)
    2. Limited Purchase Order--$500.00
    3. Purchase Order--Over $500.00 goes through purchasing
    4. Payment Notarization--For speaker, event, or travel, that needs a payment before the event.
    5. No REIMBURSEMENTS unless authorized
    6. If you pick up item from vendor you need to bring receipt to accountants and Sign off on payment information
    7. If you have it sent to the accountants you donít have to worry about bringing a receipt.
  6. Food
    1. Inside student union
      1. All food reservations are made on 3rd floor in the student union
      2. Need to use our vendors
      3. Make reservation
      4. Bring reservation sheet to accountants
      5. Walk it back to reservation or we might fax it (due to time)
    2. Outside of student union
      1. Done through Business services (located: Research Park in the Orlando Tech), have their own forms
      2. Fill form out and bring to accountants
      3. Accountants will sign off with appropriate signatures
      4. Walk the paper work through
    3. Off Campus event with food
      1. A contract is involved
      2. Canít pay anything until we get contract
      3. Once accounts receive contract it goes to Director then to SDES then General Counselor then Purchasing then Accountants in SG, then Vendor, then Vendor Receives revised contract and signs off on changes (Accountants)
      4. 3-4 weeks process
      5. Ex. Need deposit and the accountants are aware that contract is in the process, recommended for club to do the deposit and accountants will refund them
      6. Check list of students attending event, only students. Students name can change, not the ones on the request form have to go
      7. Accountants require to have vendorís Federal id # (9 digit # like a Social Security Number)
      8. Need to fill out a Payment Notarization before event or day of
      9. Need vendor name, address, SS#, federal id #, day, time, event and flyer
      10. Checks have to be mailed (An organization canít get a check cut directly from Student Government)
  7. Property (Laptop, Audio Equipment, Knightros)
    1. Borrow for clubs not personal use
    2. Forms
      1. Property form (Need 1 form)
      2. Off Campus (Need 2 forms)
      3. Out for 30 days (Need 3 forms)
    3. Responsibility
      1. Lost/stolen need to report to us
      2. The person who checks out needs to bring it back
      3. Check if it is in working condition before you take it out.
      4. To individuals that must sign a property transfer request: Director and Property custodian/accountant
      5. Property belongs to Sate of Florida
      6. Hold records if not returned
  8. Miscellaneous Information
    1. If Changing officers you do it through OSA
    2. The Financial Manual is a yellow book you can look at in the student Government office or see online
    3. SDES: Student Development Enrollment Services


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Objectivism 101